Wide Plank Oak Flooring

In 2015, During the early planning stages for a custom home in Fredericksburg, TX, Louis M. contacted REALGOODS Company in search of Long Length, Wide Plank White Oak flooring. Many customers these days want an impressive and distinctive looking floor. Extreme long lengths and wide widths are impressive, and are a specialty of ours, as we have access to the highest quality timber, and the craftsmen and equipment capable of making these outstanding floors.

Mr Mathis expressed his desire to have top quality in lumber and milling, as well as the wide 6” and 8” planks in 2’ to 10 foot lengths. We provided samples of the Character grade White Oak for his approval. When they arrive Louis was thrilled with the flooring and asked that we make contact again in the Spring of 2016, when the plans would be complete and the square footage finalized.

In May of 2016, Louis was ready with the square footage requirements. He needed just under 1,200 sf of both the 6” and 8” planks that he would blend in different areas of his new home. Louis place the order in the middle of July aniticipating a mid September installation afgter a proper time allowance for acclimation of the wood to its new surroundings. The lead time to manufacture was about 6 weeks, and with transportation from the mill to Texas taking several days we delivered on time for their construction schedule.

It is always great to have happy customers that are willing to provide pictures of the intallation in progress as well as when the project tis completed. Please have a look at the im ages that Louis provided, and let us know if you would like similar outstanding results for your addition, remodel or new costruction!

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